Publicity stands in Milan

ESSEPILUX specialising in expressing the image of companies in the world thanks to its publicity stand sector. The technicians of our company in Rho (Milan) are available 24 hours a day and operate throughout Italy and Europe in the production and installation of advertising materials. Our warehouses are located throughout Italy and have the capacity to store even complex staging that will go to make up all the arrangements for events, trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences and any other events.



Our company's designers create customised stand design projects, capable of expressing the identity of the brand including specific customer needs and its marketing aim. With all round support, they proceed in designing the area, and supplying all the furnishings and equipment, concluding with the actual assembly of the stand and the exhibition area. The customer is presented with a render in 3D to give a more detailed idea of ​​what the final result will be.


Museum installations


ESSEPILUX also takes care of installations for museums and exhibitions providing furnishings, equipment and supplies to create the right atmosphere required by the curator. The designers create functional settings and installations of great visual impact, yet discreet as it is the works of art that must be the true protagonists of the event.


Conference and business meeting installations


Our Milan-based company provides the best equipment and the most advanced technology for congresses, conventions and business meetings, providing:


  • speakers' platforms
  • poster panels
  • digital whiteboards
  • projectors
  • microphones
  • audio-video equipment
  • scenographic settings
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