Decal stickers

Have you ever thought about window stickers? They are the best way to customise the windows of your business. Whether it's for decorating them to attract customers or to convey information, decals are a versatile and effective tool, which can be permanent or removable.


Their use is not limited to bars, restaurant, and shop windows: decals are also the ideal solution to personalise exhibition stands or for making glass doors noticable, therefore avoiding unpleasant accidents.


Word stickers with company logos and / or images, printed on various glossy or matt materials, or pre-spaced to customise your windows and your stands, Essepilux window stickers are made with adhesive film in PVC and can be permanent or removable. Contact our company by filling out the form on the "Contacts" section for more information.


Customising vehicles

A transit sign, which is pleasant and effective and will be easily seen to promote your company, product or service

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